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Universitat de Barcelona
41.386608, 2.1640199999999368
Topic Joys of accomodation

It helps to know what is popular/commonly used in the Country (Spain, Barcelona) to find a room. So I would advise checking online,  Facebook was my go-to social media. There are so many Erasmus groups that will help you as it happened to me. They provide information, language courses, trips, a welcome week, etc (abiding regulations of Covid).

Let's get back to the topic. Applications for finding the room:

  • Badi (My choice, a lot of filters, map to look for the area is very nice. Fee for service ~30e so people usually just go to Whatsapp and make a deal, Badi provides some protection for the first month BUT not for a DEPOSIT look into it, easy to read icons for heating, windows, washing machine,  etc)
  • Idealista (Don't like the interface, they don't mention some details in post)
  • Also, you can find offers on Facebook (markets, groups), WhatsApp (chat rooms, found them on Facebook), Airbnb & more, choose one and use it.

Important things to think about when looking for a place: 

  • Location (nice flat, but "Piss street", 6th floor no elevator, long walk to the station, etc)
  • Amenities (know where you are going, furnished, wifi, heating, washing machine, LIVING ROOM - some owners rent for extra money so there are non)
  • Bills (~ 40e/month if not included, some ask extra for wifi and heating so ASK)
  • Flatmates (number of flatmates and how much is max, there places for 16 ppl with 3 bathrooms 2 showers and 1 kitchen, so look into it. Is owner living together! sometimes it can cause problems)
  • Price (Barcelona is more expensive, it's possible to find a good apartment for 300e - my choice, 400-500e for a nice one with a balcony --Covid times-- )

Ask for videos/live translation on WhatsApp, extra photos, visit if you can, inform about your plans to leave ~29days beforehand on WhatsApp translate eng/span if you need. Sometimes there are problems in regards to deposit (make them sign that you paid and they will give back deposit after you leave if you want to have some proof). 

For communication, WhatsApp is very popular and effective.

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