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The D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics
43.620886, 25.344540999999936
Topic Dormotories


I arrived to Svisthov and immediately was met by a local coordinator. Then I was introduced to my dorm which there are two of them, all of Erasmus students live in the same one. The dorm is relatively new. Every single room is renovated. Each one has a bed, sheeting, table, wardrobe, TV :D, shower with a toilet, sink. Kitchen, although, is not the most convenient. There are two kitchens for the whole dormitory with 3 fridges and 4 stoves. I would say the room compensate for the kitchen. Also, there is a laundry room with 1 washer and 1 dryer, with a schedule we made it work and had no troubles with only having one of each. The cost of living in this dorm is 75euros for a month which I would say is expensive 65 euros would be more reasonable, if the kitchen was the same quality as the rooms are 75euros would be fine. Thank you all, enjoy your stay :).

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