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Conditions of study
The D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics
43.620886, 25.344540999999936
Topic Studying during quarantine


Before arriving to Svishtov only expectation of the studies I had was that I will have physical lectures starting end of April. However, this did not happen. Its already May 25th, the exam session has started and lectures are still presented online. But, some students do have physical lectures inside the dorm. There are studying/computer classrooms inside the dorm.

Online classes are nothing special. You can't feel the energy of the lecturers or the passion for teaching. Some lecturers decided to not be very active with teaching. Fortunately I had two teachers who were willing to teach and wanted to meet in person for a coffee when the quarantine restrictions eased.

Most of the lectures feel very personal since at most there are 4 students taking part in the class. With other subjects it's even 1 on 1 which is an interesting experience. The teacher seems like a mentor and learning seems more fun, not as stressful. On the other hand, not having lectures with Bulgarian students takes away the whole experience of experiencing other cultures.

All in all, studying here is completely different than I'm used to. Having lecturers as mentors for all subjects is interesting. But, studying here is symbolic it's not difficult. It's up to a student if he wants to learn something here or just have a pleasant time.

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