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Intercultural Challenges
Meet locals and internationals
Frederick University Cyprus
34.6958349, 33.0160846
Topic Uncertainty

     I started studying at the university when our studies were online bacause of Covid-19 restrictions, so very first meetings with Cypriot culture and people started remotely during the lectures.

     On my first lecture, I was a bit concerned about courtesy or positivity of Cypriots because after almost each question which requires answer of yes or no, they use 'nie nie', in my language to deny something we use 'ne ne' or similarly to English 'no no'. I thought ' Ah, they must be very strict nation to deny almost with  everything'.

     After some time, I was talking with of one my friend who is from Cyprus, I asked her if she wants some sweets I had, she just nodded her head up and said nothing. I felt a bit confused, but for me it looked like urging to give it to her. When I passed her the sweets she was saying that she didn't want it. I asked her what does the nodding the head up means then. 

   She explained me that nodding the head down ( as we, Lithuanians do) and saying 'nie' means yes, but nodding the head up ( not shaking) and saying 'oj' means no. At that moment, I was laughing a lot realised that all those weeks I was thinking about how negative Cypriots are when actually they were agreeing with things.

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