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HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences
60.977073, 24.478279
Topic More than books

The library at HAMK is a multifunctional space where students can rent books, pay the rent or just relax in a quite space. 

Students don't need to pay in order to get the member card to borrow books but they are strict about turning the rented books at the set time. Once I missed the due day and had to pay a significant fee of 0.20 €. 

Now the school has remodelated the area and is situated between the two main buildings in the campus. 

I like to go to the libraries and check book titles, in this one they have many topics from the most common ones (Related to Degree programs) to how to reference in a report depending on the topic or fun books. 

They also have a website where can be checked the availability of books and an e-library which results useful if it is not possible to get to the university. 

In this e-library they also have scientific articles and it is also possible that students request the school to pay for a needed article. 

The stuff speaks english and are always willing to help. 

To pay the rent is needed to bring the bill so they can scan it and it is possible to pay by cash or credit card. 

The area includes a separated space, like glass offices, where students can skype in a more private way or have meetings.

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