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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Paying your rent for student accommodation


There are a limited number of ways to pay your rent and other bills, but no matter what method of payment you choose, you must always use the reference number stated on the invoice sent to you. Your first invoice (bill) will either be sent to you before you arrive (for non Södertörn University students) or by email shortly after your arrival. All following invoices will be sent to you by post via email. Never pay in money before receiving the invoice.   

If you want to use any other form than international transfer from your  home bank account it is essential that you bring your passport as it is the only form of identification accepted for banking and other transactions. Using, this way you must remember to take into account the fee that your bank charges. Ask your local bank about procedures and fees.You should make sure that you pay the full amount in SEK, including fees that your bank might charge for international transfers. If you transfer money from your home country it might take more than a week for the transfer to get through.


Alternatively, you can make the payment of your rent by opening a Swedish bank account, paying by credit card or cash at any shop offering invoice payment services. However, remember that there is a pay service fee is about 50 SEK for each invoice. It normally takes a few days for the transfer to get through. Please bring a passport with you. Due to new government regulations, if you’re paying by cash, you will be charged an extra free!  

From my experience the best way is to make an international transfer from your currency account. If you are from an EU member country your bank is probably a partner in SEPA agreement and you can use this way of transferring money, which is much cheaper than normal SWIFT transfer. If you are not sure if your bank is a part of agreement ask them before opening currency account.

Other useful tip would be to combine your payments in one. When receiving EU scholarship you usually getting most of it at the beginning, so you should have money to pay for whole stay. If you write e-mail to Accommodation officer he will combine your invoices in one. This way, you will have to pay 1 transfer fee instead of 4 and you will avoid situation of money shortage to pay for accommodation at the end (Sweden is very expensive so it is likely that you will spend all your scholarship on accommodation).

So, before deciding on your payment method please calculate carefully and choose the way which suits you best.


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