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Leisure activities (my top 5)
HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences
60.977073, 24.478279
Topic Free time

In Hämeenlinna I have realized that it is possible to have free time and the importance of enjoying it and not thinking about school for few hours. Maybe due to the darkness or short days. 

For that, here there is a list of 5 sports which are possible to do: 

  1. Going to group fitness: In order to keep mental health is very important to keep physical fitness. There is a gym called fitness station right behind the central bus station where it is possible to buy a 10 pass card for 65€ for students, and is valid for all fitness classes from Monday untill Sunday. 
  2. Wake boarding and paddle surf: During autumn and end of spring beginning of summer it is possible to do does two sports in a lake close to the university. The price of a wake boarding session is around 30€/prs.
  3. Nordic ski (Cross country skiing): During winter all lakes in Hämeenlinna are frozen and covered with snow. It is also possible to practice in Avenisto. Anyone can buy a second hand set of gear in the three second hand stores located in Hämeenlinna. The price of the gear varies on the quality of the equipment starting on 20€.
  4. Ice skating: For the same exact reason mentioned before this outdoor sport is common within nordic population. A gear set can also be bought at second hand stores. 
  5. Mountain biking and jogging: These last sports are posible to be done during the other non-winter months. The beautiness of this town allows many tours around lakes and parks as Aulanko. 
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