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Universidade Lusófona do Porto
41.143187, -8.608004
Topic Where is my bed?

My new hobby is to collect beautiful memories. So, here we are, in beautiful Porto. First evening I came full of excitement and good feelings. The landlord picked me up from the airport and kissed me (twice!) on my cheeks, which was a huge surprise for me, but so wellcoming, right? ;) We came to the flat, and I couldn't find my bed... well, there wasn't one, yet... :D I have been told, that they had bought a new one, but first they need to install it (they had no idea how to do it, neither I). So, I was looking around while the "instalation action" was on and I found out that we got three (!) cats on our balcony. They already got names given and they eat meals with us. Everything went well, I had my new bed (fortunately didn't break down at night, so far so good). I pay 150 euros (without bills included) per month which is the smallest price, so I was soooo lucky and I got literally 15 steps to my University! Isn't it amazing? I must admit- it is!

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