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Eating at the university
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Wide choice, affordable price

When it comes to eating Sodertorns is really well prepared. At my home university it was usually one cafeteria for the whole faculty - here you can find at least 3 places to eat, so everybody should be satisfied.

The fist of your option is Arom Kaffe. It offers variety of pastry and buffet lunch. But when it is really useful, is when you have classes early in the morning and are in need of coffee. "En cop kaffee" for 10 SEK is a really great deal.

arom caffe 

The second one is Matmakarna Catering. It actually consist of 2 parts: coffee shop and restaurant. It is located in a library and seems to bee a really nice place to take your FIKA.


The best part of it, is that if you are a Student Union member you will be given a student booklet, which provides you with money saving coupon with deals such as 2 coffees in price of 1.

student booklet

If you are still not satisfied you can try eating at Karolinska University just next door or simply take a 5-minute-walk to Flemminsberg centre when you can find pizzeria and other fast-food chains. 

Choose your favorite or try them all and just enjoy your meal!

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