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Eating at the university
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Beer during the break? - Why not?

What is the best place to party? - your University

It sounds funny but is true. Why? Because it is close, have lot of organized activities (games nights, karaoke, cinema marathons, welcome parties) and cheap beer. How is it possible - thanks to Student Pub! Have you ever heard about sth like this before? I did not. And still can not believe that few steps away from my classroom there is a real pub run by students alone. Evidently going for a beer during the break is a common practice and celebrating passing your exam with a glass of champagne is not something extraordinary. But if the price is 20 SEK for a glass of beer (average Stockholm price is around 60 SEK) who would say no? 

It is so common that every university have one and the extremely popular one is that of Stockholm University where every Thursday after 22 pm. student pub turns into a regular club with probably the best music in whole Stockholm. 

Student Pub

So who is in favor for organizing something similar at home and turning ours universities in something more than just a place of studying?

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