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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Home insurance? Not really

Few weeks before my trip to Stockholm one of the International Officers contacted me via e-mail to inform me that in order for my contract with Student Housing in Bjornkulla to be valid I need to have home insurance. It had to covered both property contents protection and third party liability. 

The information really stressed me. I have already had lot on my plate regarding organizing my journey and here it was - new thing to be realized immediately. So, I contacted few of polish insurance company in order to get some information and compare prices. But what I received was not many offers I could chose within but no offer at all! It turns out that nobody will insure a property outside of your own country (I think I found a new area for EU to take care of :D). So, what I had to do was to find an insurance company in Sweden. But I was already tired and resigned and as University gave me an offer for insurance for 500 SEK I simply agreed.

What turned out then? Actually, on our orientation week we were informed that university went through their agreement with a landlord once again and discovered that their are already insured for that case and that they do not need to make student pay. I was lucky and saved 500 SEK, but few generations of Erasmus+ students before me were not. So, it is good to know and check first with your landlord if the insurance is really needed - most of them are obliged to insure their property.

So, if you need in Bjornkulla student housing you do not need an insurance. However, if you decide to rent an apartment it might be useful - especially the one in case of third party liability (meaning if you accidentally destroy something in the apartment). You should consider getting one as prices in Sweden are really high and you definitely do not want to pay for broken window out-of-pocket. You can also consider insuring your own movable property inside the apartment, but this one is rather optional as Sweden is rather safe country when it comes to theft.

Of course, the decision how much risk you want to take is yours. If you think you should get one here is the website of the company which we were suppose to have agreement with - Länsförsäkringar.

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