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Arrival and orientation
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Climate

"If you don't like the weatherwait five minutes (and it will change)” is a weather saying in many parts of the world. And as far as my experience is concerned it is especially true in Sweden.

However, it can surprise you not only this way. Believe it or not Sweden has a relatively mild climate compared to other areas of the World which lie so far north. Having said this, it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach below -20°C in the winter! Regarding that (and continuing with weather sayings) according to an old Swedish saying there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes, so please bring your warmest gear for the winter. 

Summers, on the other hand, can be surprisingly warm with blue skies and long hours of daylight. But do not get tricked by the sun - in Stockholm if the sun is up in the sky it does not mean it is hot (or even warm and pleasant). On the contrary, it can be even colder that when it is cloudy. The other common way that weather can trick you is sudden change. Yes, the weather in Stockholm can radically change in literally five minutes! One time I get out in my summer dress as it was 20 Celsius degree and after only 20 minutes I was freezing in the middle of snowstorm. This experience proved to me that snow can happen even in the middle of May - so always have something to put on and do not get tricked by weather. You want a prove - here it is. This is a picture documenting my biggest shock caused by weather - it is made on the day of the snowstorm which turned into perfect summer in only 5 minutes with sun melting the snow but not reaching the one is shadows.

snow in shadows

 But, this weather and being up north has its advantages as with the long days in the summer, but also worth a mention is the spectacular evenings of the long dark winters with the Aurora borealis (Northern lights) which can occasionally (admittedly quite rarely), be seen as far south as Stockholm. Want to make your chances bigger - go up North to Lappland - definitely worth it.

northen lights

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