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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Rules & regulations (learned on mistakes)

As every student accommodation the one in Sweden is no different and has it regulations. Here I am putting ones which can cause you troubles (or at least inconveniences) as they caused to me.

1) The begining of the rent is strictly regulated: the first day of accommodation is stated in your agreement. It is not possible to get access to the rooms before these dates or on weekends. What this mean to you? Do not buy flight tickets before getting accommodation and plan your trip carefully as you need to arrive not only on special date but also within strict timeline when International Office (IO) is open. If not you need to arrange accommodations for these night on your own. If it happens here I am posting the list of some youth hostels. 


  • “City backpackers”: Beds from 190-280 SEK. Rooms from 500 SEK. Find out more at: www.citybackpackers.se
  • “City Hostel”: Beds from 220-250 SEK. Single room 450 SEK. Find out more at: www.cityhostel.se
  • “2 Kronor Hostel”: Beds from 220 SEK. Single room from 545 SEK. Find out more at: www.2kronor.se

For other hostels, hotels, bed and breakfast and more we recommend the following websites:

www.svenskaturistforeningen.se (click on the British flag for information in English)

2) It is only possible to move out on a weekday between 9:30am-3:30pm. It is not possible to move out during the weekends and public holidays. So once again, plan your trip carefully. However, here some exceptions are possible as the IO is very helpful and agreed for me to leave my keys in an envelope in the postbox. But before buying fly tickets please contact them and check if it is still available. Better save than sorry.

3) Having visitors is allowed (however you can not have someone sharing single room with you permanently - but to tell the true due to economical reasons it also happened as nobody actually checked it). Students are responsible for their visitors and will be liable for any damage or disturbance caused by them. If you share a room, then always check with your roommate first if you can have a visitor stay over. Consequences? only pleasure ones - you can have your friends or lovers coming over and experiencing adventure of their lives on budget!

4) Kitchens are closed after 9 pm. And yes, if you live in shared buildings they are literally closed. By electronic system. Consequences, please always check your watch. I forgot about it once and it was not a pleasant experience. Once we came back from the trip and I was really hungry but all I had after such a long time of absence was a frozen pizza. So I put it in the oven and went back to my room to unpack. When I came back - surprise, surprise... I could not enter the kitchen. It was ten past 9 pm. And my pizza was still in the oven. The only solution was to call emergency number. But even if it is emergency it take them 1 hour to come. I was never so panicked before - I was afraid it will start the fire. Fortunately, it did not happen. But what happened was that my pizza was completely burned. And I had nothing to eat. That thought me to always check my watch, avoid cooking around 9 pm. and if I have to do so - not to leave the kitchen (you can get in but you can still get out after 9) or to put the chair to prevent the door from closing. 

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