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Intercultural Challenges
Meet locals and internationals
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic ESN

Swedes are not known for taking the initiative on the social front and are generally considered to be quite a reserved bunch. This doesn’t mean they’re not friendly and helpful, it just means that you’ll probably have to take the first step in getting to know people!  You will get plenty of opportunities to break the ice by attending events organized by University. Especially the ones organized by ESN. It is an Erasmus Student network. Its main aim is to help foreign students to adopt in new environment, and this aim is accomplished mainly through buddy system and social event. Joining ESN is then great opportunity to meet both Erasmus students and Swedes working for ESN. Membership cost only 50 SEK and for that amount you can be part of such an amazing initiatives as:


ESN Sea Battle is a cruise over the Baltic sea that takes place twice a year. The Sea Battle is arranged by Tallink Silja and is organized by ESN Sweden. It’s an international event with six participating countries (ESN Sweden, ESN Denmark, ESN Norway, ESN Estonia, ESN Latvia and ESN Lithuania).


Every semester ESN Södertörn throws a Welcome Party for all incoming students. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the other exchange students and establish the first friendships!

welcome party


ESN Södertörn gives you the opportunity to visit the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm with a guided tour! 

Parliament tour

Once in a while they bring you to some of Stockholm’s cool museums for an educational visit. The Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, The Vasa Museum and The Swedish Museum of Natural History are just a few of the museums Stockholm has to offer.


Each semester there’s a pub crawl arranged for you, so you get the chance to visit some of Gamla Stan’s oldest and coolest bars. Why not take the chance to drink some mead just like the vikings?


Winter in Stockholm offers a lot of winter activities such as ice skating, skiing or even a snowball fight. They’ll bring you ice skating in Kungsträdgården (The King’s garden) located in the middle of the city! In my personal opinion it is one of the most magical ice-skating place I have ever been. But join and rate it on your own!


Trips to Finnish Lapland and St. Petersburg will be offered each semester! Take the chance to visit the real Santa in the North! If you ask me it is expensive but really worth it.

YES, I know it looks a bit like ESN advertisemnt, but thanks to becoming part of it I met a lot of great people and experience unforgettable adventures such as taking a bath in Arctic Ocean. And as Swedes are really shy it was really great way just to talk to some people and learn more about Sweden.

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