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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Bed bugs

The story I will tell you now will be something similar to ghost story (or maybe more zombie story) - nobody actually saw them but BE AWARE! They might get you!

Who or what are they? The bed bugs. I have first learned about them when I have arrived and went to International Office. There accommodation officer hand me my tenancy agreement together with information handbook. It consisted mostly of rules and regulations and cleaning instructions but there was one page which caught my sight. This one:

bed bugs

I must tell you, I was curios. Is it a standard warring? Or is there a story behind it? I must know. So, what you do when you can't google something? It's simple - you are asking people who where here before. That's exactly how I have learned the "ghost story" I am about to share with you. It goes like this.

"Once upon a time" (Ok, I am joking - it was last year) there was one girl who rented a room in a student accommodation called Bjornkulla. After few nights spend there her skin get red and became very itchy. At first, she thought she might be allergic to something, but quickly she learned the true reason - when she looked carefully at her linens she saw small brown dots. It turned out that her room had been invaded by the bed bugs. According to her version of the story she reported it to the Accommodation Office, but they did not took any action and even threatened her that if she would get rid of any of the furniture she will be punished with fine.

But she did not cared - she just wanted to get rid of this itchy feeling out of her skin. So, she washed everything in 90 Celsius degrees and get rid of furniture. And then written a report where she accused university of not taking any steps.

Maybe it was her complaint or maybe the fact that similar invasions happened in few more rooms in Bjornkulla and a number of dormitory in Lappis - the fact is that the steps where finally taken and the disinfection conducted. 

After that during my stay there was no single sign of bed bugs planning to come back, but you never no. And it is always better safe than sorry. SO BE AWARE! Look carefully to all your clothes and linens, control them regularly and wash quite often, do not bring any old furniture into your room and keep everything clean. Then you should be just fine.

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