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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
40.337804, -3.869022
Topic Useful contacts for a new exchange student

As soon as I got the confirmation that I have been accepted as an exchange student to URJC in Madrid I started to look after alternative accomodation. I contacted some of my friends abroad who have friends in Madrid or have themselves lived in Madrid. But actually I got only some good advice but not any concrete alternatives. But finally I found a good link Spotahome. Their service was excellent, the provison I paid them was only something like € 200 and they had very good chat service. I gave my wishes about the area, the size of the apartment, the rent level etc and they made me a list of the apartments according to this criteria. Actually this way I found very quickly a good choice. It took only a couple of hours and my landlord accepted me as a tenant. I got the her contact information, we agreed all the practical things and that´s it. Besides all of this my landlord has been really nice, helpful and flexible. So I can really recommend Spotahome for other exchange students. And the best thing is that they have really a wide range of alternatives. Read more about spotahome.com.

Another contact I can really recommend, too, is an office called KEYmads. They have different service packages and also for exchange students. I chose the cheapest package - Welcome Madrid pack -  but it was absolutely sufficient. The package covered SIM card for my mobile, Madrid transport card, to arrange NIE and all of this cost € 45. Besides this I took the private transport to my apartment because I had a late flight. I heard of other exchange students that they had to use a lot of time to arrange all of this by themselves. Read more keymads.com.

This information I wanted to share with new exchange students. Hopefully it will help them and save their time.

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