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Buckinghamshire New University
High Wycombe
51.6279158, -0.7534041999999772
Topic Accommodation

The university offers the possibility of living in Brook Street Halls.

Standard rooms are the cheapest of all possible accommodation options. It looks like a block in the form of a long corridor in which there are rooms on both sides and a kitchen with everything necessary for cooking, a shower and a toilet, as well as one room in which there is another shower and toilet. Each person has its own separate room in which there is a washbasin, a table, a chair, a bed and a locker for clothes mounted in the wall and also WiFi. The living conditions are acceptable if you are lucky with neighbors.

One week of accommodation costs at the moment 107.39 pounds. The cost of living should be paid for a certain period. And even if you leave the living place earlier, you are still responsible for the rented room. For example, I had to pay the second semester from 19, January 2018 until 08 July 2018, despite the fact that the semester actually finishes on 01 June 2018.

Registration for accommodation passes through the Internet service of the University in 4 stages:

1. Filling out and sending a special form of residence

2. Confirmation of your desire to live and pay 300 pounds

3. Obtaining the confirmation of availability and access to the registration form and place a reservation.

4. After confirming the reservation, you receive the reservation number

5. Then you Fill in all necessary fields in the form and sign a residence license.

You can pay for your living expenses in one amount or according to the payment plan that you will receive after completing the registration procedure.

After filling out the form you can see the license in which your duties are registered.

You do not have the opportunity to make changes and discuss the proposal before signing a license. You don’t know about of some of your unpredictable duties as a lodger before. By this there are a lot of pitfalls, which in the future can spoil your mood more than once and also deprive you of the levied money.

Even if you behave perfectly, you are dependent on how others behave that live in the whole block and are responsible for the bad behavior of others material responsibility.

If I had more time to make a decision on accommodation, I would also look for alternative options via the Internet.

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