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Shopping / Supermarkets
Western Norway University
60.369136, 5.349631
Topic Supermarkets

Norway is an expensive country compared to where I come from (Catalonia) so... I must say I have had troubles saving money. Norway is a large country when it comes to the country, but because of its climate and land it's very difficult to cultivate. That's why most of their products are from other countries and then they have high prices. Make sure you buy your groceries in supermarkets like REMA 1000 or Kiwi or Coop Mega. Take advantage of the sales they do in supermarkets and buy a lot of frozen food. At Spar, the nearest Supermarket from school but not one of the cheapests, there's one time of the month that they sell a lot of things for 10 NOK (1€ approx.).

Distances in Stord are short but go up and down aaaaaall the way. But you can go wherever by bike. 

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