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Cardiff University
51.486627, -3.178864
Description Finding accommodation in Cardiff is very easy, but I have to admit that if you don't know anything about the city, it can be a nightmare. Firstly, I wasn't sure about weather I wanted to live in a shared house/flat or a residence. At the beginning I wanted a residence, because I was scared of living with people I didn't know and the fact that it was in another country made it worse. Plus,  Cardiff University web page offered lots of residences (https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/study/accommodation/undergraduates/residences). However, I realised that they were a way too expensive, so I decided to keep looking on the Internet. I looked up a lot of housing and renting web pages such as Spareroom, but any of them convinced me. 

A week later, I discovered that there was a Facebook page called "Catalans a Cardiff", so I decided to ask if someone knew where I can find accommodation. Luckily, a boy answered me and told me that he had a spare room available. He sent me a lot of pictures of the house and he seemed nice, so I agreed. I would share the house with him and other three British girls.

There's also another Facebook page called "Cardiff Housing, Room and Flat Share", where you can find accommodation. 

The process for the tenancy was easy. The landlady contacted me and i had to fill in an "Application for accommodation" an "Agreement" and give my personal details to her. I had to make an initial payment (transference) for two months (January and June) and then I had to pay a deposit. I payed the rest of the rent monthly. 

The house is located in Cathays, which i strongly recommend. It's a very good location. It has a lot of shops and supermarkets nearby and the city centre isn't far away. The main supermarkets you can find are Tesco, Lidl and Sainsburys, but the cheapest one is Lidl. 

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