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Université d'Angers
47.477059, -0.549545
Topic Nice restaurants

Angers has a lot of good restaurants and cafés. You can walk into nearly any bar and order a pint of beer for €3.50. However, my friends and I had a couple of favourite places, which are described below.

  • Hippopotamus Angers Centre
    Situated on Place Mondain Chanlouineau, around the corner from Place du Ralliement, it was the perfect place for my friends and I to have lunch or dinner. The food is very beef-orientated, in that most meals are burgers, but the superior cuts of French beef are spectacular. The food was a little bit pricey, at roughly €18 for a burger and chips, but the quality of the food justifies the price. The waiters were also extremely friendly.
  • Columbus Café
    This was my favourite angevin café, and was very conveniently located on Boulevard Maréchal Foch. Renowned for its coffee and muffins, it is very hard to overlook Columbus Café when talking about favourite cafés and restaurants. I went here regularly for a latté and a muffin (usually something involving Nutella), which cost about €4.50. The coffee was great, the muffin exceptional. There is also a newspaper stand packed with regional and national newspapers, from which I used to take Le Figaro and read whilst drinking my coffee. Bliss.
  • Rayan’s Sandwicherie
    On more occasions than I’d care to admit, my friends and I didn’t really feel like cooking, which meant getting on the bus into the city centre and heading for Rayan’s Sandwicherie, which is, yes, you’ve guessed it, a sandwich shop. Located on Rue des Deux Haies, just off Place du Ralliement, it is a very convenient location. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better sandwich anywhere. With a sandwich and chips for €5, it also won’t be beaten on price.
  • La Ferme
    This restaurant is a hidden gem. Located on Place Freppel, just behind Cathédrale Saint-Maurice, it is a great place to go if you want to sample some real French cuisine. I only went here once, when my parents visited for my birthday, and while it is expensive at €32 for a three-course meal, the food is fantastic, and the chefs only use French produce and French wines. There are many restaurants and bars around Angers, so you are spoiled for choice, regardless of the food you like. If you prefer to cook at home, there is a Lidl in Angers, near the Belle-Beille campus, while supermarkets like Super U and Carrefour City are everywhere.

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