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Cultural Events
Cardiff University
51.486627, -3.178864

Cardiff Bay is located 10 minutes by bus from the city centre. The price of a single ticket is 1.90 pounds and must be payed in cash. Some friends told me that they had been and liked it, so one shiny morning I decided to go. 

When I got off the bus it didn't seem like a big deal, but as I got closer to the bay it got prettier and prettier. The weather was so nice and I wanted to walk by the water, so I took the road around the bay and headed for the other side. While I was walking, I noticed that there was a giant book that served as a bench and a few steps ahead a crocodile statue (with a longer trunk than usual), which was also to serve as a bench as well. 

When I approached to my surprise I could see that the "bank book" was Roald Dahl's book: The enormous crocodile . At that moment I wondered what a book by Roald Dahl was doing there, but then I realized that Roald Dahl was Welsh! 

The truth is that I was very excited to find this book, since the protagonist of my Final Project is the same author. 

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