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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Freiburg im Breisgau
47.9935441, 7.84594960000004
Topic What should you bring with you? (StuSie)

Here are some things you might need and which you should bring with you (instead if buying it in Germany)

1. Extension lead - 2 sockets may be not enaugh, so you better have one with you

2. Internet cable- in the room there's no WIFI, you need to have this cable to connect your laptop with internet

3. desk lamp- one ceiling lamp may be not enough

4. garbage bags

5. couple of hangers 

7. toilet paper

8. your own cutlery, mug and plates- different dormitories have different quality of the shared kitchen. I recommend to bring your own plate and cutlery as these one in the kitchen are not always clean. And if you can bring one pot and pan with you. 

10. Slippers or just shoes you will wear in the room- I do not recommend walking only in socks

11. Flip-flops- use it in the shower

12. cleaning articles e.g washing capsules (for the laundry)

13. Kettle- there are some in the kitchen but you can always have yours in your room

14. Hair dryer- there are no in the bathroom

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