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Univerza v Ljubljani
46.049194, 14.504155
Topic Student Dorms

Erasmus students have two options of accomodation in Ljubljana: living in the student dorms or private accomodation (sharing a flat). 

For living in the student dorms, firstly you have to apply in the online application given by the university and ask for a place. All the he dorms are located in different parts of the city, near to the faculties. Every dorm is distributed in small apartments with two double rooms and a shared bathroom and shared kitchen. The rooms are equipped with individual beds, wardrobe and two separately desks for study. The kitchen is provided with a fridge and a table with four chairs. The cleanliness of the apartment is in charge of the students who live there.

In the basement of the dorm there is a common TV room for all the students of the dorm and a laundry room provided with washing machines and dryers.

For the mail and maintenance of the dorm there is a housekeeper during the morning hours to help you with whatever you need and cleaning service for the hallways and common places.

The average price for Erasmus students in a double room is 90-100 euros per month. The real price of the dorms is 150 approximately, but the government subsidizes part of the price, as does with Slovene students. 

If you choose private accomodation, you have to seek by yourself. Also the Erasmus StudentNetwork (ESN), they help you to find accomodation as soon as possible. The average price per person in a shared flat in the city centre can be around 200-250 euros per month. 


Student Dorm D, Bezigrad district. Near to the faculties of Education, Economics and Social Sciences.



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