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Conditions of study
HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences
60.977073, 24.478279
Topic Studying Rooms

The school buildings are dotated of computer rooms in almost every floor.. It is possible to use them anytime but when there are classes. 

The buildings contain meeting rooms available for student's group work. 

The new library has a comfortable environment with couches and tables available as well for study. 

If the student feels tired and wants to relax, while reading a designated assigment can also do it in the HAMKO room, which is composed of and for sudents. This room has a computer, couches and a small "kitchen", where is possible to heat food, there's a coffee machine and a kettler.  

Finns have a quite culutre that makes possible to study almost every where. 

Refered to teachers, their contact with the student is more as an equal treatment and are always set to help out. Students can contact them through e-mail and also concrete Skype meetings if needed (in case of incompatibility of schedules). 

An exchange student can also ask a local for help, and as my experience has been so far, they are always welcome to help. 

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