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Arrival and orientation
HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences
60.977073, 24.478279
Topic Hämeenlinna

When I first got to Hämeenlinna, anyone from school could come pick me up because it was "too late" but the next day a designated tutor came to pick me up where I was staying and gave me a ride to the dormitory and explained me how things worked. 

Afterwards, he took me to the supermarket kindly. 

This was done for the same tutor to the international students studying my degree. Each of us had a different tutor depending on the degree. 

When all Biotechnology and Food technology students were here, went together to the University and he showed us around and where were the most important offices to do paperwork as showed us where the classes were taken. 

The following weekend he planed a "sightseeing" around town.

All interesting places where shown and explaind a bit of history about it. 

It was nice that we did all together so we got to meet each other in a more comfortable environment. 

Eventhough Hämeenlinna is a small city, can't put into words how fun it was to discover the town. 

A while later, school started planning trips around for international students in general besides degree programs. There we visited Helsinki, the capital, and a small beautiful island, Suomenlinna. 

The best of this trip was to meet people from other campuses and tutors. All the students living with me joined the trip and a tight bonding was created within us. 

Another time when Hämeenlinna was visited was with a module named "Finnish Language and Culture", where, again, all the students in the dormitory enrolled. 

The aim of this last comment comes that not only exchange tutors planned fun stuff for us but also a teacher had this nice iniciative. 

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