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Eating at the university
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Free breakfast
Description It was my first week and I just started my first classes at the university. I went pretty early so as to have time to figure out my way. As soon as I crossed the threshold of university I saw something weird. There was almost not a soul in the whole building.

What happened? - I asked myself - have I missed some information?. It turns out - that yes indeed. I have not notice the Facebook announcement about free breakfast at the university pub. That's where everybody went. 

When Kinga - other Erasmus student told me about it, I was astonished. I've heard about welfare state and knew that Sweden is a rich country. I simply did not expect it also affects universities. And yes, free tasting is also common in Poland - but as a mean of advertisement and never had such a big scale.

It was truly a Swedish buffet, looking just like a hotel menu. Take a look yourself.

free breakfast at uniersity

And it was not an exceptional event. Such breakfast were provided every day during first few weeks and later one once or twice a month. 

Still, not sure what the reason behind it but it is definitely great opportunity to meet other students - especially Swedish ones and became part of University community. Maybe that's exactly the reason behind it - to provide excuse to break the the effective rule of keeping your distance.

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