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Intercultural Challenges
Learning the language
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Pronunciation

Probably, one of the most confusing parts when learning Swedish was to get the rules of pronunciation.

That is because, the language is very melodic - constantly going up and down. Even when you see the short word it can be pronounced very long because of vowels, so you get very confused when trying to read something. And when you understand that if the vowel is considered soft or hard influence the consonants pronunciation you are totally lost.

But I am not going to learn Swedish, so why should I be worried? The answer is simple - try to ask people where something is and you will understand. When it comes to me, it was the first day of my stay. I've just landed on the airport and wanted to get to my accommodation in Fleminsberg. But there was only a train going to Sodertallje C. So, I asked a lady in the train if I can get to Fleminsberg with it. And I pronounced it exactly how your write it - with hard "berg" at the end.

She looked at me confused. Started thinking and just when I started to think that she does not know neither, she nod her head and say yes. But why she was so confused? The mystery solved when I reach my destination and the voice in the loudspeaker pronounced the name of the station. It said something sounding similar to "Fleminsbody" - so Swedes pronounce the ending berg almost the same way as English word "body". 

And that is not the only tricky word to pronounce. If you want to learn more our Swedish teacher recommended us this website. And if you still don't know what I am talking about just watch this short video.

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