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University of Agder (Kristiansand)
58.163497, 8.003084
Topic College accomodation in Kristiansand

I stayed in university accommodation, Kongsgård Allé 7. This was an apartment block with apartments varying from two bedrooms to four. These apartments varied greatly in size. The bedrooms are quite large with one bed, a desk and desk chair, a coffee table and a chair. The typical 2 bedroom apartment has no dining area or sitting room. Items like cutlery, plates, microwaves, kettles, bed linen, duvets, pillows etc are not provided. This particular accommodation cost roughly 3,090 Norwegian krone a month (approx. 350 euro). It was a 15 minute walk from both the university and town. The area was very safe but most of Kristiansand is also very safe. There are many other college accommodations available such as Kongsgård Allé 9, Kongsgård Allé 11, Kristian IVs gate, Roligheden, Kaserneveien and St. Olavs vei. It’s important that you do not apply for campus accommodation until you have been notified by the university to do so. They will provide you with a unique code that will ensure that when you are applying for accommodation that you will be guaranteed a place.

Housing Kongsgård Allé 7

                                                            The house Kongsgård Allé 7

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