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Image du cours Discussion and Lecture Series on Digital Interculturality

Commencing on October 27 and concluding on December 15, 2023, we are pleased to announce a weekly Lecture and Discussion Series in collaboration with esteemed universities worldwide, including the Universities of Jena, Mainz, and Potsdam (Germany), Limerick (Ireland), Salvador (Brazil), Urbino (Italy), and Vienna (Austria).

🌐 Exploring Digital Interculturality: A myriad of intercultural interactions of various kinds have now become an everyday experience, mediated digitally via screens. This reflects a need for the extension of the understanding of intercultural communication. We suggest the term digital interculturality, seeing this as the hyper interculturality of the digital world with its potential for a vast variety of new and diverse connections, a web of digital uncertainty in which interculturalities are constantly transformed into more certain culturalities.

📚 A Multifaceted Approach: The programme draws on the multidisciplinary expertise of international university teachers. With diverse perspectives, we will examine this phenomenon from a variety of  angles.

🌍 Connecting Students Globally: Beyond lectures, we are creating an engaging online space where students from various third-level educational contexts may interact with one another in relation to the examined topic.

🗓️ What to Expect: The series consists of eight live online lectures coupled with discussion sessions, and a number of asynchronous recorded lectures, upon which students may also engage in discussion.

🎓 Earn Credits Towards Graduation: For participating students there is  an exciting opportunity to earn credit points towards the completion of  your studies. Register in your university’s course catalogue or contact us for a certificate of participation: